The Coming of the Son of Man

To Whom This May Concern:

Standing in prayer in an Oklahoma farm field at 9:15 pm on 15 August 1977, I expressed my love for the risen Lord Jesus Christ, with the simple words “I love you.”

He responded to me instantly with a gigantic signal of light.

The light appeared as a flash, as if a star had fallen into the cup of the Big Dipper in the constellation Ursa Major. What was visible to me in Oklahoma was at this same instant seen, and recorded, by Project SETI’s radio-telescope on the campus of the University of Ohio. An astronomer searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence made this note about it:

Screen Shot 08-02-18 at 01.07 PM

Leading into the moment the “wow” signal occurred, I had been praying and had just stood up, holding my arms out facing north with a clear view toward Polaris in front, Cassiopeia to my right in the east, and the Big Dipper to my left, in the west. 

The moon was 98.65% invisible at 9:15 pm 15 August 1977, at Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Screen Shot 06-26-18 at 11.46 PM

This was my simple, straightforward request, from Earth beneath the Milky Way:

Can I just dwell here, in this thick darkness, with no moon in my way, and tell you,

I love you.

The instant I said “I love you” the signal responded.


My view from Weatherford Oklahoma, if extended beyond the Big Dipper on the astronomy chart below, encompasses the constellation Sagittarius, where “experts” presume the signal may have originated.

Stars from Weatherford

As a follower of Jesus Christ, born and raised in the Presbyterian (Protestant-Evangelical) religion in the Bible Belt of the United States of America, one nation under God, the signal was unmistakable — and the irony incredible.

I was practically a vagabond, a hobo, having the character of a drifter in some ways, though in truth I was a student of Drama at a prestigious northern California college. Though I would tramp around the country beginning at age 13 and ending with this evening at age 20, I would go on to graduate from Whitworth University with honors, in Creative Writing. I had served my country as an undercover narcotics informant at age 17, and would — seven years later, in George Orwell’s 1984 in the City of Angels, Los Angeles — one day be charged and acquitted of murder. But this night, I knew I had witnessed the second coming privately, alone, but for all time and for all the world.

The Bible had told me so.

I was prepared for the evening of Matthew 24:27.

I, too, was caught by surprise, as the Son of Man arrived.

But I was ready, because I had studied the Word of God.

Matthew 2427

I did not say, “Wow!” I was at that very instant conversing with our creator.

This is what did:

I innocently asked Jesus, heart to heart, knowing He was in control of EVERYTHING:

“Is this your second coming?”

Instantly, I received two more signals.

I bear witness to the true nature of the “Wow! signal” corroborated in Ohio at 10:15 pm Eastern Standard Time, on 15 August, 1977.

The signal — revealed to me by Jesus Christ as I was praying to Him — occurred as three “flashes” of light, as reflected in this graphic:

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Screen Shot 04-25-18 at 01.18 PMScreen Shot 07-29-18 at 10.47 AMScreen Shot 07-29-18 at 10.59 AM

I told my parents about the signal the very next morning, told my sister days later, and over the years told the rest of my family and told friends and acquaintances and church members and, especially, told religious leaders.

I even told this story to the CIA, NSA, and Vatican.

The following Bible and other references pretty much convey my experience, sadly.

Screen Shot 08-02-18 at 02.45 PMScreen Shot 08-02-18 at 02.17 PMScreen Shot 06-10-18 at 07.15 PMScreen Shot 07-11-18 at 12.18 AMScreen Shot 06-23-18 at 12.11 PMScreen Shot 07-29-18 at 08.57 PMScreen Shot 07-29-18 at 08.55 PMScreen Shot 07-29-18 at 08.56 PMUnbenannt

Screen Shot 07-06-18 at 11.00 AM

Imagine standing in my shoes, saying what I said, asking what I asked, and witnessing what I witnessed; then, 40 years later, reading of frustrated brothers and sisters like this:

Screen Shot 07-27-18 at 10.28 AM

“The nature of the signal remains unexplained.”

As I have just explained,

I am

the nature of the signal.


Who is Robert David Graham?