Who is Robert David Graham?

I am here to remind you of Jesus.

What happened to me could have only happened to the Son of the Living God, or the Devil in person. One or the other and nobody else. But I give you that I was praying to the Lord Jesus Christ and I conversed with Him, and as far as I am concerned He is equally addressed as God. Because, as He said, all authority in Heaven and on Earth was given to Him. If that is not a valid definition of God, I’m not Robert David Graham who witnessed the Second Coming of Jesus.

I am, brothers and sisters.

There must be some strange reason I came here under the family tree named Graham.

  • San Francisco’s all time greatest Rock Music Promoter — Bill Graham. He died in a helicopter crash leaving the Concord Pavilion. I lived in Concord.
  • The all time greatest evangelist the world has ever known — Billy Graham. He died while I was writing an email to his organization about the Second Coming. I had no idea he was on his death bed.
  • Mount Graham in Arizona — my mother, who died on Mother’s Day in 1986, grew up in Tucson — according to legend the mountain is a portal to the stars. And the Vatican operates an observatory atop Mount Graham. Some say they are looking for the Second Coming.

My heritage is Scottish Irish, and my great uncle five generations removed is no other than the poet Robert Burns.

The best laid plans of mice and men.

Do you believe in coincidence?

I grew up in Greenville, Illinois, which is about 50 miles east of Saint Louis, thought of as a speed-trap on I-70. In seventh grade my classmate’s older brother blew his head off in front of him, well, right beside him in the front seat, in a car parked in the woods. They were hunting wild boars and he had a misfire. He pointed the 44 magnum to his temple saying “Russian roulette” and with a smile he was dead.

Screen Shot 06-17-18 at 08.34 PM

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at age nine at Greenville Presbyterian Church. I remember fondly the purple chewing gum balls awarded for memorizing Bible verses. But the really cool memory is the feeling of realizing I was in on the gospel truth.

Nevertheless, I determined defiantly not to memorize chapter and verse, but spirit of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. That’s why I really love Bible Gateway.

I contrast the respect and wisdom I experienced at church with the tight hug and rifling hands along that shortcut home, as a high school student my brothers all knew stepped out from behind Greek statues. Don’t ask me why there were Greek statues in Illinois.

As a boy I ran to town or rode my banana stingray down the sloping sidewalk along the state route down to Brad Williams’ house. I heard his dad was an alcoholic, which I am extremely able to relate to after the agony of my wife. But back to childhood, Brad and I rode to the outskirts of town around sunset, circled back to the railroad crossing at the Pet Milk company where my dad invented Sego, and we stared down the track toward the sunset. Two young boys on bikes staring down the tracks where the sun goes down.

There you have a highlight of my Bobbyhood.

At 13 I moved to the Show Me state. I walked home from downtown Greenville and saw a sign planted in the front yard, For Sale. That’s when Bobby became Bob. The Grahams were off to Columbia, Missouri, and the rest of my six siblings at Lab School, also known as U-High (in more ways than one).

I went to West Junior High, a big public school which scared me half to death for the size, but which made a name for me.


In Eighth Grade Music on the first day, the torpedo breasted (well, eighth grade) teacher authorized nicknames. I clowned, “Bozo.” It was meant as a joke for the moment, but it stuck so I was known as Bozo in Eighth Grade. Then it followed me to U-High, as my pal from West Junior, Carter Dunkin also transfered to U-High. At least that’s how I recall.

So Bob was Bozo was Boze in the Show Me state.

I studied performing arts at, are ya sittin’ down, Diablo — as in, the devil — Valley College. That was in Pleasant Hill, California, in the USA, across the San Francisco Bay.

I am the son of microbiologist Dr. Dee McDonald Graham, who served in the United States Army as a security guard on the Manhattan Project. After Columbia, he took a position as Assistant Director of Scientific Research at Del Monte Pineapple Company headquartered in San Francisco. He eventually became Director of the research lab in Walnut Creek.

Circa 1967, at Pet Milk Company, my dad invented a well-received diet drink in the USA. The diet drink Sego got advertised on Dateline NBC on TV in New York City, featuring model Tippi Hedren. So Alfred Hitchcock discovered Tippi Hedren in a commercial for my dad’s invention, Sego. More recently, Dad paved the way to authorization of “ozone” in food science and nutrition.

I served in the United States Navy as a Personnel Manager in Fighter Squadron One including Operation Desert Storm. I appeared on Inside Edition in 1997 exposing hazing.

Those interested in my view of the world can see my original US Navy video here.

I left the United States of America for Germany Christmas day, 1992. In 1993 I married a German who had met me under unusual circumstances in San Diego just as I left the US Navy in 1991 to publish Military Secret. By the way, I gave up signed orders for duty at Honolulu Hawaii from 1994-96 in order to publish my scathing exposé on military man’s inhumanity to man. The toned down version, GULF in the WAR STORY, is at Amazon.

Monika and I raised three sons Noah, Elvis, and Moses. She passed away 12/24/12 leaving me with a new test of my German language skills.

I suppose the highlight of her life is that Monika served as a VIP escort for the Vatican, during World Youth Day in Cologne in 2005.

She brought me to Cologne.

Robert David Graham                Chronology

1956-58   Anderson, South Carolina                                  Born on Sunday, 25 November 1956

1958-69   Greenville, Illinois                                      Junior High Football – Greenville Comets

Screen Shot 06-05-18 at 07.55 AM
Genre’s Clothing Store sold a blue-body-white-sleeve tee-shirt in 1977 featuring a streaking comet and the slogan “Nowhere Else but Greenville.” My brother Tim married his childhood sweetheart from 5th grade, Shirley Sparlin, and they are still married in 2018.

1969-74   Columbia, Missouri                                    Undercover Narcotics Agent – DEA & FBI


I earned the Varsity U in Cross-Country at U-High, University of Missouri @ Columbia.

Screen Shot 02-14-18 at 10.27 AM

I carried concealed a Belgium made Browning Hi-Power 9mm with a 15-shot clip. I caused around two dozen arrests, several imprisonments, and got six stitches under armed guard.
I was monitoring the radio when Russ Wingo, my U-High class president, crashed into a bridge and flew out of the car, and it rolled and crushed his skull. Russ looked like Jackson Browne.



I had a US Army scholarship as a freshman at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Then we moved to California and I switched to a Performing Arts Major.


I taught Rapelling to kids aged 8-14 at two summer camps in Mark Twain State Park, in Hannibal, Missouri. The Ranger’s daughter introduced me to a Whitetail in her yard, and it licked my hand.

1974-79   San Francisco East Bay                                  Diablo Valley College – Drama Student


My great friend Steve Flood was thoroughly miffed when Director/Professor Leslie Abbott gave me top billing, above the Assistant Director. Les’ defense was that The Rose Tattoo had an enormous amount of properties (things in drawers, etc.) that I had to manage.

DVC Group stages Surprise


1979-81   Spokane, Washington                                 Whitworth University – English Student


NPR letter


I wrote a great deal of poetry, threw away a great deal, and may throw away more.


1981-84   San Francisco East Bay                          United Van Lines, Furniture Mover-Helper



1984-85   Los Angeles, California                                  Writer – Charged, Acquitted of Murder





1985-88   San Francisco East Bay                                          Western Temps Personnel Agency

My girlfriend from 1985 to 1986, Amy Stover, daughter of Western owner Robert Stover

1988-92   San Diego, California   US Navy Consolidated Divers Unit, Fighter Squadron One

Graham on deck in PI

PN2 Graham duty stations


LOA Ranger

1992-93   Los Angeles, California                                  LA City College, Atomic Film Company

Zippo lighter given to me by Joel Marshall, owner of Atomic Film Co., Hollywood 1993

Screen Shot 06-10-18 at 07.36 PM

1993-99   Bergheim, Germany                               Church Gardener, English Teacher, Author

1999-03   Bergheim, Germany                                       Public School English & Music Teacher

2003-07   Bergheim, Germany                                       Public School English & Music Teacher

2007-14   Bergheim, Germany                                       English Teacher, University of Cologne

Screen Shot 06-04-18 at 06.00 PM

2009  Luxembourg                                      Dialogue “House of Boys” Luxembourg Film Prize

Screen Shot 08-06-17 at 04.45 PM

Screen Shot 01-08-18 at 11.33 PM


Bob Cannes DSCF0105



My friend, translator and driver David Chopin insisted I stand beside a portrait of Picasso.
Shouldering the Burden – My Burden is Light

2014-18   Bergheim, Germany                                                                     Retired, Single Parent