My Decision to Post

In the year 2018 as you have seen me communicate, I have returned to the Earth’s social media “facebook” under my name, and with a page named Matthew24:27, which I have not promoted but simply used as a place marker for the zeitgeist, the chronicles of time.

I had been a teacher at three German public high schools, and the University of Cologne.

I had over 600 followers on facebook when I left the medium for more than one, perhaps more than two years. Despite assurances my content would be deleted after one year, it was all still there when I logged back on.

Pupils had grown into strangers. I hadn’t seen them in 11 years.

I reduced my facebook social media list to 100 friends.

But I set most of my posts to “Public” and began this ministry.

Thus sins become immortal, to be weighed against one claim.

A simple, sinful man became the lone recipient of the rapture.

If you look back there were many messiahs, then one true one.

Since then, came more, who turned out to be impostors, again.

What did they want from you?

How long did they deceive you?

How did you feel when you found out they were deceivers?

I know I tell the truth.

How should I feel?

My Testament

My Background



Author: Robert David Graham

Robert David Graham claims to have witnessed the Second Coming of Jesus Christ alone before God. He describes it as a gigantic "shooting star" flying into the cup of the Big Dipper in response to his saying "I love you" to the spirit of Jesus Christ, at exactly the instant preceding the infamous "wow" signal, which was recorded by a University of Ohio Project SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) astronomer's radio telescope at 10:15 pm Eastern Standard Time, which was 9:15 pm local time, near Weatherford, Oklahoma, on the 15th day of August in 1977. In 2018, Graham discovered existence of the SETI "wow" signal report, corroborating his claim. Since then, Graham has published his creativity as the fulfillment of the Bible prophecy of the Coming of the Son of Man. Follow him on Twitter @24Matthew27.