I am the Son of Man, and You’re Not.

I think that’s the fear behind the firewall of silence I encounter whenever I bring up the wow signal and explain what it means.

I am pretty sure if someone came to me today and claimed to be the Son of Man, I would either say “So am I” or “We all are” or I’d just click away to avoid feeding the troll.

But what would it cost me to consider the possibility?

Cost versus benefit:

Reformation of the German Language occurred just as I was arriving in country and had no idea why they turned all traffic lights 90 degrees to the left, much less why someone would advertise “Bad Service” on a storefront marquee.

They were debating the need for three occurrences of the letter “f” in a word such as Schifffahrt. Two for Schiff, and one for Fahrt. The kind of people who put traffic lights behind rear view mirrors.

So maybe the country I live in today is not the best example of an institution so invested in a fallacy that it cannot exhibit the hope of adopting even a most indisputable solution.

But they did spend enormous energy and published countless new books to certify the discontinuance of one hyphenation and invention of a perfectly useful new hyphenation.

So it can be done even if it is not smart.

What then, if it is smart?

It remains enormous.

What then, shall you make of this structural plan, direct from the mouth of the creator?

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Matthew 2427

Author: Robert David Graham - My Word

Robert David Graham claims to have witnessed the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He describes it as a shooting star flying into the cup of the Big Dipper in response to his saying "I love you" to the spirit of Jesus Christ, at exactly the instant preceding the infamous "wow" signal, which was recorded by a SETI astronomer's radio telescope at 10:15 pm Eastern Standard Time.