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Author: Robert David Graham - I Give You My Word

Robert David Graham ran away from a good home at age 13, and ventured 20,000 miles across the USA before he turned 21. He was a concealed weapon carrying undercover narcotics agent for the DEA at age 17. He majored in Creative Writing in English and graduated with five A's -- and a C in Radio Broadcasting -- from Whitworth Presbyterian College in 1981. He lived two years with beautiful Amy Stover, a national advertising model for her father's company, and a graphic artist in the Advertising Department where he met the billionaire's daughter (her father was a retired US Navy Admiral who developed the only privately owned top ten temporary help service, Western Temps). He left Amy to join the Navy, and served as a Navy Personnel Manager in Fighter Squadron One, also known as The World Famous Fighting Wolfpack, a legendary squadron and indeed the real Top Gun during Operation Desert Storm (aka the Gulf War), earning five medals and two sea service deployment ribbons, along with 40 days of combat pay. In 1988, denied a Security Clearance during bootcamp stemming from his first-degree murder trial in Hollywood in 1984, Graham became the voice behind "Don't Ask Don't Tell" with his US Navy biography detailing sexual bigotry in middle management along with major fraud and -- destined to appear on Inside Edition -- hazing in the real Top Gun. He kept the secret from the Navy and instead of accepting reinlistment orders to Honolulu for two years, he got out of the Navy and published Military Secret in 1993. Although he persuaded the publisher Monument Press to take it out of print -- it was strewn with typos and they had assured him two Harvard professors were editing it -- that journal is on call at the libraries of the United States Naval Academy, the Naval War College, Harvard, and Yale. In 2009 Graham received the theatrical screen credit "Additional material and dialogue" House of Boys, a feature film about the onset of AIDS, a Drama featuring Stephen Fry. The movie received the Luxembourg Film Prize and recognition in the LGBT community. Graham appeared on television in Europe and the United States in 1997 with his 8 mm video material exposing hazing in Fighter Squadron One, seen in 1997 by 20,000,000 viewers in 12 countries. Officially a navy Personnel manager, Graham's Hollywood background led him to invest heavily in audio and video equipment before deploying to the Western Pacific; thus, his video work has occasionally appeared, uncredited, covering incidents involving USS RANGER (CV-61) and Fighter Squadron One (VF-1) between 1988 and 1992.