Robert David Graham ran away from home at age 13, hitchhiked 20,000 miles across the USA before he turned 20, was a concealed weapon carrying undercover narcotics informant for the DEA at age 17, graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Whitworth Presbyterian College in 1981, lived two years with a billionaire, and served as a US Navy Personnel Manager inside the real Top Gun during Operation Desert Storm (1991 Gulf War).

Graham — the voice behind “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” — has a US Navy biography, Military Secret, on call at the libraries of the United States Naval Academy and Naval War College, as well as at Harvard and Yale universities.

He has published his writing worldwide and has performed screenwriting services for Studio Hamburg Group (Germany), Delux Productions (Luxembourg), and various independent producers worldwide from 1985 to the present. (See imdb for more.)

Graham received the screen credit “additional material and dialogue” for the 2009 Luxembourg Film Prize winning drama House of Boys featuring Stephen Fry.

Graham’s military videography includes worldwide broadcast on all major TV news channels of an at-sea rescue onboard aircraft carrier USS RANGER in 1989, plus his whistle blowing video of hazing inside the Navy’s real “top gun” elite, Fighter Squadron One, seen in 1997 by 20,000,000 viewers in 12 countries.

From Wikepedia:

On 3 August 1989Ranger rescued 39 Vietnamese refugees, adrift for 10 days on a barge in heavy seas and monsoon rains in the South China Sea, about 80 miles from NAS Cubi Point, R.P. SH-3s Sea Kings from HS-14 assisted. An A-6 Intruder from VA-145 spotted the barge, which had apparently broken loose from its mooring near a small island off the coast of Vietnam with 10 men on board. Twenty-nine other refugees from a sinking refugee boat climbed aboard the barge when it drifted out to sea. After examination by medical personnel, all were flown to NAS Cubi Point for further processing.