The Coming of the Son of Man

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Standing in an Oklahoma farm field, I expressed my love for Jesus in a manner so true it provoked an event so powerful, I have hardly found a soul anywhere who believes me.

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Suddenly, in early 2018, I discovered the existence of corroborating physical evidence!

This event, to which I have found corroborating evidence, was provoked by pure love.

I was standing beneath the Milky Way facing north with a clear view toward Polaris in front, Cassiopeia to my right in the east, and the Big Dipper to my left, in the west. This was my simple request:

Can I just dwell here, in this thick darkness, with no moon in my way, and tell you,

I love you.

The instant I said “I love you” I witnessed a giant “shooting star” as “a signal” responded.


The signal I witnessed on 15 August 1977 in Oklahoma at 9:15 pm Central Standard Time was simultaneously recorded by radio telescope in Ohio at 10:15 Eastern Standard Time.

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Matthew 2427

I did not say, “Wow!”

I innocently asked Jesus, heart to heart:

“Is this your second coming?”

Instantly, I received two more signals, confirming the intent, answering my question.

The moon was 98.65% invisible at 9:15 pm 15 August 1977, at Weatherford, Oklahoma.

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I am using this Internet “cloud” to bear witness to the true nature of the “Wow! signal” confirmed in Ohio at 10:15 pm Eastern Standard Time on 15 August 1977. This signal — sent to me by Jesus — occurred actually as a series of three signals of equal magnitude but from unequal distances to the planet, as reflected in this graphic:

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The experts have exhausted their understanding.

I told this story to my parents the next morning, to my sister days later, and over the years to the rest of my family and to friends and acquaintances and church members and, especially, to religious leaders. I even told this story to the CIA, NSA, and Vatican.

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Imagine standing in his shoes, saying what he said, asking what he asked, and witnessing what he witnessed; then, 40 years later, reading this:

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“The nature of the signal remains unexplained.”

I come to explain the nature of the signal.