I give you the true story of the “Wow” signal.

Once you get over the shock of my candid revelation, think what this is like for me.

You may want to read first, how I was searching for this evidence in 2012.

In 1977, astronomers in the USA recorded a gigantic, baffling signal. 

Renowned scientists continue to speculate about the source.


Screen Shot 04-25-18 at 01.18 PM

I have no idea whether you, as you read this, believe in God or Jesus, or anything.

But believe me, this is what happened:

The SETI “Wow! Signal”



direct answer 

— instantly —

to these words,

my prayer, 


Jesus Christ:

Can I just dwell here, in this thick darkness,
with no moon in my way, and tell you?

I love you.

Shooting Star

Instantly, a great light burst like a shooting star, only this was deep in space, like a giant, super nova, shooting straight into the Big Dipper!

I give you my word.

I was in prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

What would you think? 

What would you do?

Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 10.14 AM

Did you grow up studying the Bible, too?

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.24 AM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.22 AM


I asked not the stars, but Jesus Christ:

Is this your Second Coming?



Across Alkaid.


Across Mizar.

Screen Shot 04-19-18 at 07.13 AM


Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.26 AM

At the instant this happened, I was standing, holding my arms out, and in a conversational prayer to the Lord Jesus, in a freshly cut field a few miles outside the city limits of Weatherford, Oklahoma, USA, facing the North Star, Polaris.

I was on the farm of my beloved mother’s most beloved Aunt, my Great Aunt Sissy.

I give you my word.



Weatherford, Oklahoma, USA
Latitude 35.526163, Longitude -98.707574

Date 19770815, Time 2115
Central Standard Time

GPS Coordinates
35° 31′ 34.1868” N98° 42′ 27.2664” W

Screen Shot 06-10-18 at 07.15 PM

My late wife Monika was born and raised Catholic. She volunteered as a VIP escort during World Youth Day, Cologne, 2005. 

These gents had formed a barbershop quartet. Once they heard Monika had a son named Elvis, they sang Elvis songs for her under a bridge. She took this photo:


Screen Shot 06-10-18 at 08.09 PM

Screen Shot 04-25-18 at 12.23 PM

Screen Shot 06-10-18 at 08.01 PM

Screen Shot 06-10-18 at 08.02 PM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.38 AM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.31 AM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.52 AM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 10.10 AM

I studied Drama with Charles “voice of Mario & friends” Martinet at Diablo Valley College.

My name is Robert David Graham.

I am the author of a book you may not know about, at the US Naval Academy,

Military Secret (Monument Press, 1993).

Graham Nimitz

At Whitworth Presbyterian College in Spokane, Washington, USA, I studied Creative Writing, Drama, and Guitar. (Rock Star Lenny Kravitz had the same guitar teacher as I did, Leon Atkinson.)

The ceremony of my graduating class at was held at Whitworth on 18 May 1980.

Friends told me caps & gowns got silted.


Screen Shot 06-17-18 at 03.40 PM
Mount Saint Helens blew up in Oregon on 18 May 1980.


Screen Shot 06-12-18 at 07.28 PM

Screen Shot 06-12-18 at 07.31 PM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.44 AM

Seven years after I witnessed the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, I arrived in Hollywood, California, with the goal of presenting my witness to the world.

I wrote to the mogul Rupert Murdoch, seeking financing for three films on who I am, what happened, and what it means.

I never heard from Murdoch.

I got two letters from New World Pictures, a major Hollywood studio looking forward to reading my work: one from Robert Rehme, who would later become President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and his Senior Vice-President, Jonathan Axelrod.

Alas, that day, I was leaving Hollywood.

Three three street gangs were looking for me. I had killed a member of Hollywood’s notorious 18th Street gang, who gave me no choice.

I got charged with attempted murder, first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Five judges and many attorneys assured my Public Defender I would be found guilty.

My self-defense trial is a witness for God.

My public defender, a Jew, summarized his Christian client’s defense:

“How many times must a man turn his cheek?”

Screen Shot 06-17-18 at 03.49 PM

Then what?

A murder trial ended on Valentines Day.


Screen Shot 01-26-18 at 08.10 PM


Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.36 AM

Do you believe in coincidence?

Screen Shot 06-17-18 at 05.49 PM

Screen Shot 06-17-18 at 05.52 PM
Robert Graham Olympic Gateway 1984

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.20 AM

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.48 AM 001Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.51 AMScreen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.56 AMScreen Shot 06-02-18 at 12.01 PMScreen Shot 06-02-18 at 12.03 PM

Screen Shot 06-10-18 at 07.00 PM


DOC (7)

The man handing me my stripes is a member of The Grand  Club Honoring Naval Aviators who have 1,000 or  more  carrier arrested landings. I exposed Fighter Squadron One on worldwide TV for  condoning hazing before and after the 1991 Gulf War, also known as Operation Desert Storm. They were in strict violation of standing orders from the Captain of USS Ranger.
Yours truly crossing the equator, carrying my charges the day I became a Trusty Shellback in the Realm of King Neptune. No mermaids, just a lot of naked men.

Screen Shot 06-02-18 at 09.48 AM

Screen Shot 06-03-18 at 03.51 PM

Screen Shot 04-25-18 at 12.23 PM

Screen Shot 04-19-18 at 08.26 AM

Screen Shot 04-19-18 at 12.13 PM

Screen Shot 04-19-18 at 08.32 AM

Screen Shot 06-11-18 at 06.23 PM

Screen Shot 06-11-18 at 07.20 PM

I offer you an example of our dilemma.

“If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

My 14-year old son voiced the issue of the Second Coming another way:

“If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it fall?”

I responded, “In this case, I am the one who was in the forest and heard it fall. The question is whether you believe me.”

I can tell you I play the guitar, sing, and write fine songs worthy of being recorded by superstars. Why should you believe me’? I show no evidence. All you have to go on is the poem I share on my Chronology page.

Screen Shot 06-15-18 at 04.49 PM

In 1977, as I have testified above, I did not ask for a sign.

I was given THE SIGN for all time, from Jesus Christ, who is also God, our creator.

This is dedicated to my late wife, Monika Graham, daughter of Siegfried and Maria Hölzer. 

Monika Graham worked 20 years at Willis Insurance, as a leader in Customer Service.

Screen Shot 06-15-18 at 05.40 PM

Screen Shot 06-17-18 at 05.01 PM

Do you believe that Jesus Christ, whom God raised from the dead and gave all power and authority in Heaven and on Earth, would allow a young Christian to be deceived?

Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 10.06 AM

In the very act of praying to Jesus Christ?

Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 09.59 AM

I bear true and candid witness to

the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

and to the Rapture of the Christian.

Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 10.01 AM

Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 10.10 AM

Who do you say that I am?

Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 10.32 AM


Screen Shot 06-19-18 at 10.35 AM

Robert David Graham Chronology


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