Navy Biography

Perhaps I am best known for my US Navy biography Military Secret.

Book Cover and Nimitz Library Listing

Military Secret was an inside look at legendary Fighter Squadron One (VF-1), known in the fleet as The World Famous Fighting Wolfpack. Wolfpack was literally Top Gun during the 1991 Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. The squadron was homeported at Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California, in hangar one, which had the name TOP GUN painted on the wall in giant letters.

Ribbons and Medals earned by Robert David Graham

I joined the Navy in 1988 and stayed just long enough to win seven medals and write this book. I also recorded a lot of videos, some of which were aired on major TV news channels worldwide, and some of which exposed Navy hazing — inhumane treatment of sailors during the so called Shellback Initiations, which otherwise was a fine Navy tradition, a ritual based on King Neptune and Davy Jones performed upon crossing the equator.

Robert David Graham carries his charges in 1989.

I revised Military Secret, cleaning up some of the salty Navy language, and have republished it on Amazon. You can find it here: